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The 8 Crazy Profitable Funnels – Funnelize – JayKay Dowdall


Let Me Show You The 8 Crazy Profitable Funnels That ANYONE Can Create to Build Leads and Drive Sales WITHOUT Any Experience….
Funnel #5 Literally Transformed My Business In a Few Days…

8 Funnel blueprints to follow including case-studies and live demo’s of each!
Over 35+ training videos included!
Over 25 Cheatsheets and PDFs!
Full case studies and walkthroughs for every funnel
Learn to build your email marketing list like the pro’s!
Newbie friendly from beginning to end!

Evergreen Online Business Is…
Look, it’s one of the greatest myths online; that getting customers, sales, and leads is hard…

It’s not! There isn’t some magical shortage of leads that you need to “tap into” – there are hundreds, thousands, even ten’s of thousands of leads for your business regardless of your niche. You could be getting them right now!

What you’re missing is a system that does 2 CRITICAL things…

…These two things are non-negotiable for trying to grow any level of success this year, next year, and into the future…

1) Magnetic attraction where your ideal audience is drawn to you like a moth to a flame…


2) A step-by-step process where you grow prospects into leads, leads into customers, and customers into repeat customers!
The sad thing is, you already have everything required to build this system yourself!

Any training, tools, software, and courses you’ve picked up before are all pieces of the puzzle you’ve been collecting…

…but I want to give you the map to assemble it!

Once you have this system created you’ll have something all of the industry leaders, influencers, and guru’s of your niche have;

The psychological powerhouse of a high converting, lead generating, sale-making FUNNEL!

Complete with a ravenous group of followers, an email list of buyers and leads, credibility and authority, and an emotional connection with each of your prospects.
The Top 3 Big & Bad Myths About
Building a Funnel
“I Need Special Software To Build a Funnel”
I hear this myth all the time and it drives me crazy!

Thanks to some brilliant marketing from some software developers, the term “funnel” is often linked with certain tools to help you develop web pages, but that’s the thing…

A funnel is just a collection of pages online. That’s it!

You can build a funnel using a free WordPress theme, a free drag n’ drop page builder like Wix or Squarespace, or build it from scratch in HTML.

Tools are great to help you get things done, but it doesn’t mean they’re required.
“I Need To Be an Expert To Manage a Funnel”
Nope, wrong again I’m afraid!

Creating and managing a funnel is actually very easy… It just depends on the kind of funnel you’re using.

A MONSTER funnel with 15 steps and multiple stages of retargeting and email follow-ups is definitely tricky!

But why run before you can walk? I can show multiple examples of a simple 2/3 page funnel that both get’s subscribers on your email list, and even generates sales…

There’s an effective funnel for any experience level!

Video:  Width: 1280 pixels Height: 720 pixels Format: AVC Codec: AVC Duration: 00:03:52 Bit rate: 892 Kbps Frame rate: 29.970 fps  Aspect ratio: 16:9 Bit depth: 8 bits Color space: YUV Subtitles: N/A

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Google Ads Mastery 2019-2020


Bad News: If you thought you could just keep your head down & your nose clean, and get great results based on “sound principles of direct marketing” …think again.

If you are advertising on Google based purely on the help Google offers you… or on the advice of Google Reps or your agency… then you are marching into severest battle armed with plastic sword and helmet.

But Here’s the Good News: Not only has Google’s AI gone from JOKE to serious new capabilities… even if you’re not using Google Ads AT ALL, you should probably start now, just to take advantage of Google’s AI.

Google Ads Mastery is underway, but it’s not too late to join us!

Dear Marketing Professional:

If you are spending more than $1000/month on Google Ads then innumerable NEW gains, efficiencies, advantages and strategies are now available to you. But only if you synchronize with the new moves.

And if you’re an AdWords veteran, sit up and listen because a target is painted on your head and a sharpshooter has you in his sights:

  • All advertisers are consciously being manipulated, very deliberately by Google. Dark patterns exist. You often have to unplug your natural tendencies to make good choices. The new interface is an example.
  • In prior years, you could make money being on the frontier of new changes. You could ride that wave at the forefront of what was new in targeting and ad format. You must be very careful now.
  • Now, instead you often make money riding the back end of that wave, of change, hanging onto existing command over what Google is assuming control of, for as long as possible.

You MUST know this. This is not an option!!! If you choose to take a pass on this… “don’t bother me this time, I’ll circle back later” – you are making a very big mistake.

If you are an agency managing Google Ads for others, then to not take this course would be irresponsible management of other peoples’ money.

The modest $1000-$2500 investment in Google Ads Mastery will pay for itself over and over and over again. If you’re spending many thousands or tens of thousands a month, it will pay for itself monthly… maybe even weekly.

Mike Rhodes (left) runs the largest Google Ads agency in Australia and is co-author of Ultimate Guide to Google AdWordswith me. This is the #1 selling book on Google advertising and Mike and I are the most trusted truth-tellers in the Google advertising space.

Google Ads Mastery comes in six modules:

Module #1: Search:

  • Google’s massive battery of new changes: the New Way of thinking about & running Google Ads
  • How to use ‘drafts & experiments’ Because You Must Test Before You Trust!
  • You MUST know the fundamentals before you automate!
  • You must use audiences and not just keywords in search campaigns
  • Correct account & campaign structures for 2019-2020
  • Why Exact Match isn’t exact any more & what to do about it (Google is doing to keywords what phone providers do to service plans… they morph them into something else so if you’re not paying attention, you wind up on the most expensive plan)
  • Why you need to be VERY CAREFUL using broad match with smart bidding
  • “Responsive Search Ads” is now 90% bigger than it ever was before – but they need to be tested FIRST (your mileage may vary)
  • AI: Understanding ad ‘elements’ in 2019-2020… When to let the ‘machine’ manage your ads (& when not to)
  • Which Ad extensions are most critical
  • Should you use Google’s new Smart Campaigns? A definitive criteria

Module #2: Google Shopping:

  • Smart Shopping campaigns – what are they & should you use them?
  • How to setup shopping the correct way for 2019-2020
  • Feed management – what do you need to know, what tools to use
  • Dynamic Remarketing – how do you set this up? (You can expect very attractive ROIs if you do this properly)
  • Shopify integrations are coming. Are they ready for prime time?
  • How do you sell products to multiple countries with the new Smart Campaigns
  • Common errors & how to troubleshoot them
  • YouTube TrueView shopping – filter & match to video ‘groups’

Module #3: Display & Remarketing:

  • The Display Grid – what is it & how to use it to plan campaigns & win more clients
  • How to target Intent with G’s latest audiences
  • Smart Display Campaigns – eventually forced into this, why you need to know this NOW
    What happened to the Display Planner? Google scrapped it. What Google wants you to use instead.
  • Similar Audiences recently changed – are you using them the right way?
  • What offers/funnels are working on Google Display Network? Look at these examples!
  • How should your Display messaging differ from search?
  • What are ‘Life Events’ & should you use them?
  • Responsive Display Ads – what’s changed & why you probably want to re-consider using them, with the new capabilities that Google’s AI brings (Google is in a massive dog fight with Facebook – struggling to regain their perceived relevance. But make no mistake, Google is EXTREMELY relevant)

Module #4: Youtube & Gmail:

  • YouTube as sales influencer – earlier in funnel than ever before!
  • How does targeting differ for Youtube & Gmail?
  • Which of the (many) formats should you focus on
  • TV4A goal is sales (only!) (And don’t let any Google rep tell you otherwise)
  • Is your Remarketing setup the right way?
  • The Story Arc changed in 2018… are you making use of this critical insight?
  • How do you win with Gmail ads
  • Which metrics to expect & how to improve them
  • What’s Google’s Reach Planner & how can it help you?

Module #5: Tracking

  • Deep Dive into conversion tracking
  • Which phone tracking solutions are worth using & which are not (Call Rail vs Google?). How to manage local numbers
  • Have you updated to the Gtag yet?
  • A quick primer on Google Tracking Manager
  • When to use Google Analytics for tracking… and when not to
    What questions should you ask of your Analytics – aka how to get useful reports
  • What reporting tools should you use in 2019?

Module #6: Optimizing campaigns in 2019:

  • Mike’s ‘CEO Method’ explained
    It’s all about having the right processes. What questions to ask yourself to managing things right.
  • New Google Ads habits you need in 2019
  • What’s the Profit Curve & how can you use it to find that optimum sweet spot
  • What target CPA (or Return On Ad Spend) should you be aiming for? What are you optimizing for?
  • What campaign structures should you use in 2019?
  • Are SKAGs dead?
  • Are external management tools like Optmyzr worth the money in a world of automation?
  • Mindset – Ads management is a blend of art & science
  • Alerts – send yourself an email when important metrics change
  • Billing alerts – now you can get alerted when your credit card declines
  • Auto rules – what are the best use cases
  • Should you invest in learning Scripts?
  • How can you create an email-able Dashboard for your results inside Google Ads
  • Mobile speed – how much does it matter & what is AMP?

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[GB] Travel Blog Virtual Summit


“What separates the successful pro travel bloggers from the legions of wannabe bloggers?”

As professional travel bloggers ourselves, that’s the question we set out to answer.

And, after studying 50+ top travel blogs and interviewing countless pro bloggers & online business experts, vs. assessing hundreds of amateur blogs, we’ve discovered 4 clearly defined elements that consistently separate success from stagnation and failure.

Find out what they are—and how to implement them—in our simple, structured video series.

Who Can Benefit from the “Travel Blog Profit Formula”?

The “Travel Blog Profit Formula” series has been designed for anyone who wants to turn travel blogging into a regular income. Specifically, it is for people in the following two situations:

Creating a successful travel blog IS possible. You just have to know how to go about it the right way.

Now you can find out exactly what the pro bloggers do differently so you can replicate their success and start making a real income from travel blogging, sooner.

Sales Page |  Files Size: 13.2GB

Members Exclusive: Only active MakeMoneySPY members can participate to access this course. Please login your account to see payment links.

Ben Adkins – Cold Email Clients


Ben Adkins – Chilly E-mail Purchasers

Unlock the 10 highly effective chilly e-mail templates that you should utilize to interact potential purchasers with out ever leaving dwelling.

What You’re Getting Inside

The 6 Components to a Excellent Chilly E-mail. You’ll study the important thing substances to how we write chilly emails from scratch utilizing 6 essential items.

How to not get Marked as Spam when Chilly Emailing: You’ll study precisely tips on how to keep away from the dreaded spam folder when emailing somebody for the primary time.

The Authorized Points with Chilly E-mail: You’ll study precisely when you possibly can and when you possibly can’t chilly e-mail a enterprise proprietor.

Find out how to Discover a Enterprise’ “finest e-mail deal with”: You’ll discover ways to discover one of the best deal with to e-mail a possible shopper.

The Excellent time to Ship a Chilly E-mail You’ll study precisely how we decide one of the best time to ship our chilly emails in order that it doesn’t get buried below different emails.

Find out how to Analysis a Prospect: This may assist you choose which of the 10 chilly e-mail scripts will hit them completely and get them to answer.

Our 10 “Excellent Chilly Emails” Scripts: 1) The “Referred by” Script. 2) The “Widespread Acquaintance” Script. three) The “Congratulations” Script. four) The “Substitute or Help Open Place” Script. 5) The “Daring Bribe” Script. 6) The “One thing of Curiosity” Script. 7) The “Shook your Hand” Script. eight) The “Video Demo w/ Trial” Script. 9) The “QVC Chilly” Script. 10) The “Advantages Listing” Script.

[Platinum Only] The Full Chilly E-mail Comply with up Logic and Script Package deal.

[Platinum Only] Why you need to be following up with each chilly e-mail prospect.

[Platinum Only] Find out how to determined what script to followup with.

[Platinum Only] Our 18 Highly effective Followup e-mail Templates (we use these to all the time have one thing to ship to a prospect and to remain “prime of thoughts”. That is essential as a result of they it helps them bear in mind who we’re once we name to schedule a gathering)

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Ben Adkins – Chilly E-mail Purchasers: Movies, PDF´s

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Anthony Metivier – The Magnetic Memory Method


NEW: An important message to anyone who wants to improve their memory from Anthony Metivier, best-selling author and memory expert admired around the world …

Discover Unusual Memory Techniques Proven To Improve Your Memory In Record Time And Used By Over 81,203 Students In 196 Countries…

These world-renowned techniques help you achieve extraordinary memory improvement and work even if you think you’ve tried everything before, so continue reading…

Read on to discover some of my cutting-edge memory strategies. Plus, you’ll discover a one-time only opportunity I guarantee will improve your memory and create positive change throughout your entire life …

Dear Friend,

Is this the most unusual course on memory improvement success ever created?

Could be.

Imagine having access to the following:

Everything you need to enhance your ability to memorize and recall any information. You get focused training without the fluff that fills most memory improvement books, video programs and audio courses

Step-by-step worksheets, exercises and guides you can follow. You’ll feel your memory improving as you go

The most advanced memory training ever created, diving deep into each technique as you quickly learn the easiest and quickest paths to success

In-depth training about how to go beyond memorizing and recalling information. You’ll use what you’ve learned to become an A+ student, a professional in your field or world class expert

Special supplemental extras for improving every area in which the health of your memory and your brain touches your life

And just suppose you could sit down, create a simple strategy for memorizing vocabulary, mathematical formulas, names, facts, dates and even long speeches and have the material ready for use at any time.

And that you could achieve these skills in a way that is easy, elegant, effective and fun.

If that sounds valuable to you, then you’re in luck.

Because easy, elegant, effective and fun is exactly what you get when you use the Magnetic Memory Method to improve your ability to learn, memorize and recall the important information that can make a huge difference in the positive direction of your life.

Imagine… One Simple Strategy That Places Life-Improving Information Directly Into Your Long Term Memory.

So that any time you need that information, you simply “turn the tap” on and there it is. Your mind becomes like the goose that lays the golden egg.

Whenever you need it.

Sound to good to be true?

Well, perfect recall isn’t too good to be true.

Not by a long shot.

Not if you have the right tools.

You see, when it comes to spending time learning a dedicated memory strategy, nothing provides a better return on the investment of time and energy than the Magnetic Memory Method.

It really doesn’t matter what you’re trying to memorize. This method is the perfect tool for memorizing any kind of information.

Why? Because it uses Memory Palaces.

What are Memory Palaces?

They are mental constructs based on familiar locations that you know intimately.

You’ve probably heard about them before. You may even have wondered if they might be something for you.

At Last! Everything You Need To Know Has Been Prepared With You In Mind…

Simply put, Memory Palaces are like having an automated computer in your brain that saves any piece of information you want so that you can retrieve it later without having to think about it.

In just a short period of time, you can fill-in-the-blanks of the Worksheets provided in this course and have exactly the right amount of Memory Palaces for memorizing anything you could ever need to have in your mind.

And Memory Palaces are just one of the powerful memory tools you’ll start putting into action immediately.

Fact is, thousands of people just like you have successfully used the Magnetic Memory Method based on proven aspects of memory psychology.

Memory Course #1:
The Magnetic Memory Method Masterplan

This course introduces you to the most powerful memory techniques on earth. Learn everything in a friendly setting from a master memory instructor. No stone is left unturned in this introductory course.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover inside …

* Why memory techniques are like a bicycle everyone can ride (with some minor personal adjustments).

* 5 “stealth” secrets for creating memories that last forever.

* Simple exercises so easy and potent that you’ll surprise yourself by the untapped imagination lying dormant in your mind.

* Exactly how many pieces of information to memorize in order to maximize your results with ease.

* Memory secrets not even World Memory Champions know about or use – and yet still claim prizes of up to $40,000!

* Completely scientific ways to practice the information you’ve memorized in low-stress environments so that you’re calm and relaxed during exams or while giving speeches in front of groups.

* Dozens of examples of how to use simple images to make information unforgettable.

Memory Course #2:
How To Learn & Memorize The Vocabulary Of Any Language

Suitable for anyone learning vocabulary of any kind, be it in your mother tongue, French, German, Spanish, etc. You can literally learn a word once and have it available for recall at any time, any place and under any conditions.

Plus, you’ll learn:

* The real reason why no one should ever be squeamish about memorization or learning a language.

* Why and how some of the most famous memory skills are applicable to learning any language.

* How to create a 26 “letter location” memory system based on the alphabet English. Use this to memorize thousands of words in any language.

* Sample examples that will show you exactly how and why these memory techniques and strategies work.

* Unique approaches that will have you literally “tuning in” on any language so that you can memorize its vocabulary and recall it with ease.

* How to use actors, other public figures and famous pieces of artwork to help you memorize vocabulary.

* How to separate words in the most effective manner for easy memorization and recall.

* A simple strategy for memorizing the male, neuter and feminine genders (a process that some people consider the ultimate nightmare of foreign language learning.)

* A list of resources, including the secret to finding the absolute best dictionary to use when learning and memorizing vocabulary.

* How having a larger vocabulary will fill your travel in countries countries around the world with greater freedom to explore and enjoy the sights and culture.

* … and much, much more!

Memory Course #3:
How To Memorize Names & Faces

For business people and teachers, keeping track of the people you work with is the ultimate nightmare.

Not any more. Put the simple lessons in this course to work and you’ll never forget a name again. Extend your memory skills and learn:

* The weakest, classic and the most potent way to memorize not just names but faces – exactly how people look.

* Simple examples of complex names to walk you through the process.

* Two secret ways to use relaxation to aid the memorization process so that you memorize and recall names naturally and with ease.

These two methods alone are worth the price of the entire Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass because they will literally eliminate stress from your body as you memorize new names the instant you hear them.

Memory Course #4:
How To Learn & Memorize Poetry

Poetry? Really? Why on earth verse?

For anyone looking to memorize texts verbatim, this course is the best way to master the techniques. You can use the same information to memorize jokes, limericks, lyrics, quotes and even long speeches.

You’ll never be at a loss for something to say again.

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Anthony Metivier – The Magnetic Memory Method: Videos, PDF´s

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Augustas Kligys – European Amazon Summit 2018


Take Your Amazon FBA Business in EUROPE to New Heights with this Event

20+ Successful Amazon Experts Provide You With Everything You Need to Grow Your Business, Increase Profits and Become the Next Online Millionaire!

Here’s A Sneak Peek At What You Get When You Claim Your Free Ticket To Join European Private Label Summit Right Now…

Are you running an Amazon FBA business and looking to learn everything you need to know to successfully sell in EUROPE? Do you want to learn industry-insider strategies from some of the most renowned online sellers in Amazon’s European market?

The European Private Label Summit was created to assemble the most experienced and successful Amazon sellers to the European market from across the world to share their secrets, tips and systems for building extremely profitable businesses.

Running for a few days in December this powerful online Summit offers masterclasses that will make you think like a European Amazon power seller! Most of our speakers are regular Amazon sellers and eCommerce specialists who found innovative ways to become extremely successful through a variety of techniques.

Amazon’s European market sees over € 30 billion in revenues per year and the experts of the summit are ready to show you how you can capitalize on it.

Comprised of UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, the European marketplace is constantly growing and there has never been a better time to be an Amazon seller in Europe.

Some of the topics covered in the 20+ video sessions

Starting Your EU Amazon Business

Tax and VAT Information
Language and Cultural Differences
Product and Market Research
Product Sourcing and Shipping
Product Launch Strategies in the EU Market
Product Listing Optimization

During few days, you will receive amazing business strategies, tips and insights for:

Starting Your EU Amazon Business

The first thing you need to know when you are an Amazon seller in the European market is how to properly register your business. Depending on your situation, our experts will provide you with all of your options including whether or not to incorporate your business, which Amazon website to base your business from and other business fundamentals that are necessary for setting up a successful online selling business.

Tax and VAT Information

Our experienced accountants and financial advisors will offer you important information that will help you understand and navigate the European tax systems. Although the dealing with the tax structures may seem like a daunting task, you will learn special strategies that will allow you to minimize the difficulties and confusion surrounding European taxes.

Language and Cultural Differences

When selling on Amazon in Europe, you will encounter differences in both the languages spoken by consumers and the way their culture impacts the selling process. As you will be dealing with four non-english speaking countries, it is imperative to know how to maximize your sales opportunities even if you do not speak the language.

Our 30+ experts come from a wide range of countries, meaning that you get first-hand knowledge of the buying markets in UK, Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

Product and Market Research

To optimize your business in Europe and increase sales, you need to properly analyze the consumer demographics, identify your target market and have an in-depth knowledge of the products that you will be selling.

Our Summit speakers include top Amazon sellers that offer a wealth of knowledge regarding the product and market research phase. You will learn the techniques to quickly and efficiently put together a sales plan based on your products, the customer behaviors and current/future market trends. By staying ahead of the curve, you will be above the competition and increase sales by targeting the most accessible buyers.

Product Sourcing and Shipping

Once you have completed the product research and discovered your target audience, it is imperative that you find suppliers that are both reliable and affordable. Building strong relationships with top class suppliers is instrumental in creating a profitable Amazon FBA business anywhere and our speakers will teach you everything you need to know to choose the best.

Shipping is another extremely important aspect of your sales process, as providing fast and affordable shipping options to your clients will drastically improve your chances for making sales. We have several experts in the PBA shipping field to help you avoid common mistakes that sellers make, causing them to lose sales and clients at a rapid pace.

Product Launch Strategies in the EU Market

After you have found your suppliers and are ready to begin selling, you need the perfect launch plan to maximize sales and attract new customers right from the start. An expertly designed launch strategy can be the difference between immediate success or a slow start to your EU Amazon selling career.

Our speakers have been so successful due in large part to their ability to craft powerful product launches that grab the attention of buyers and create long-term clients from the start. You will learn how to launch products in a means that minimizes effort and maximizes effectiveness, culminating in a flurry of sales from the first day.

Product Listing Optimization

No matter how great your product is, if you do not create a captivating and engaging product listing that entices the reader to buy it, you will not get the sales that you deserve. Listing products on Amazon is an art that has been mastered by our speakers, allowing them to rise above competitors to become top sellers across all five countries.

From the layout, keyword optimization, copywriting and the description itself, you will learn everything you need to know about creating a persuasive and informative Amazon product listing that will have customers adding your products to their cart.

Why you should attend this summit?

1. It will take your Amazon FBA business to the next level

Although you may currently be running a successful Amazon business, there are always ways to capitalize on various, often-overlooked aspects to truly optimize its potential. By gaining inside advice from 20+ experts across a range of topics, you are sure to find many different pieces of the Amazon business puzzle that you can integrate into your business to boost sales and profit.

2. Stay ahead of your competition with proven techniques and methods

The only difference between Amazon sellers who are grossly successful and ones that are mediocre are the effort that they put into making their business better. By continuously exploring new strategies and working towards a more efficient business model, you always stay ahead of your competitors, leading customers to order from you instead of them.

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Augustas Kligys – European Amazon Summit 2018: Videos, PDF´s

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Ahrefs Academy – Blogging for business


Blogging for business

How to grow your blog past 100K monthly visitors and get thousands of paying customers

01. The compound effect of content marketing

02. Two major strategies of growing a blog

03.How to analyse the traffic potential and ranking difficulty of a keyword

04. How to find great content ideas with high business value

05. How to optimize your article for a target keyword and generate maximum search traffic with it

06. How to create great content that promotes itself

07. How to create link-worthy content (and stop worrying about link building)

08. How to promote your content & make it rank high in Google

09. How to build backlinks to your blog content

10. How to build links & promote content via blogger outreach

SalesPage (more info)  Archive

Ahrefs Academy – Blogging for business: Videos

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast Track (OLD GB)


“I simply hit $114,000 Per Month in my Amazon enterprise … I rank on Web page One for each product I launch … and I did all this working ‘Half Time’.

Would you wish to earn this sort of cash out of your Amazon.com personal label enterprise?

I can inform you, that it’s completely doable.

I do know, as a result of I’m residing proof.

I’ve been on “amazon” a comparatively quick time. Already I hit $114,000/month of which I get an enormous chunk of that I get to maintain as pure revenue.

However the purpose for my success on Amazon, is as a result of I’m doing issues a lot in another way than what’s taught in ASM, a lot of which is completely counter-intuitituve…

… and most significantly…

I’ve developed a steady of distinctive ‘advertising and rating strategies’ that nobody else is utilizing, that work exceptionally effectively, and that I’ve confirmed to work inside my very own amazon companies.

There are solely three issues that I need to concentrate on in my Amazon enterprise:

1) Rating my merchandise to web page one, as quick as doable.

Should you’re on web page three, you may as effectively be on web page 300!  Similar to rating a web site in Google, for those who’re not on web page one, you irrelevant. Amazon works the identical means.

2) Getting as many five-star critiques in shortest time doable for my new product.

When folks use Amazon and click on in your itemizing, if the headline and pictures look interesting, what does everybody do?

They scroll proper all the way down to learn your critiques!

Should you solely have a pair critiques, you received’t win their impulse buy … and … you additionally received’t “stick” within the rankings.

three) Discovering scorching merchandise to promote

I’ve a easy aim:

To make $10,000/mo per product.

That may be a conservative aim, as a result of my expertise is which you can make greater than this – however that’s my preliminary goal.

To hit $100,000/month gross sales, I have to launch 10 good merchandise.

I wish to preserve enterprise “easy.” And to make $100ok month, is as easy as that.

I truly exceeded this goal just lately, having hit $115ok in gross sales with lower than 10 merchandise.

“I Suppose I’ve Cracked the Code on Rank Any Product to Web page One on Amazon”

However there’s one thing else I want to point out you …

One thing that can actually open your eyes.

Each single product that I’ve personally launched on Amazon.com, I’ve been capable of pro-actively get it rating on web page 1 on amazon, often inside lower than 12 days.

Sure – in each single occasion.

Sure – even in two ultra-competitive niches

Sure – throughout a number of product classes.


“What the Heck Is Your Secret?”

As you’ll be able to see, my successes on Amazon are not any fluke.

I’ve offered you with quite a few proof screeshots, earnings pictures, and rating proof, which are for my very own merchandise and all current.

I hope that I’ve confirmed to you by now, that I do know my shit.  As my amazon enterprise grows and hits excessive six figures per thirty days, you will notice me transition out of the “guru” enterprise and return to my roots as a entrepreneur, spear-heading our phenomenal progress, and phasing out all personal purchasers and “wage slave”, non-leverage initiatives.

The explanation I convey this up, is that you’ll not have entry to “Ben Cummings” as a coach, sooner or later. Frankly, why be bothered doing coaching and consulting, once I could make much more (for much less effort and time) in my amazon enterprise?

My aim has all the time been to construct a Large Enterprise that may be bought for a number of million and “retire” to the island of Saint Barths, and I’m laser targeted on acquiring that aim within the subsequent 36-48 months.

So if you wish to “faucet into Ben”, that is most likely the final likelihood to take action, to entry my Mind, and to be taught from me about crushing it on amazon, to be taught these Grasp Advertising and marketing Abilities, in order that you can also attain your individual model of “retire to Saint Barths“.

Which leads me to the aim of this “remaining” gross sales letter that I’m writing to you…

Amazon Quick-Monitor Month-to-month Teaching Membership – A Very Restricted Alternative.

I just lately took on 10 personal college students for 1-on-1 teaching, however I closed the doorways to that as a result of I merely don’t have the time to do “personal consults” anymore…

And sadly I plan to by no means once more tackle any extra personal 1-on-1 teaching purchasers shifting ahead.

However as quickly as I ended taking up new purchasers, we continued to get emails day by day from folks desirous to be taught from me.

What to do???

I made a decision that as an alternative of doing one on one teaching any extra, that I’d be prepared to teach a small elite “mastermind group” comprising of significant excessive achievers and meet “just about” through intensive coaching webinars.

Not solely would it not be enjoyable.

Not solely would it not be nice networking for each of us.

It might additionally enable me to take a number of of you “alongside for the trip” to the highest of amazon, as all of us prosper and develop collectively.

Now THAT was an thrilling prospect to me, and the explanation why I’ve determined to launch this very restricted Amazon Month-to-month Teaching Membership.

With that, let me inform you the small print of what you’ll be getting…

First, to qualify for a spot, you MUST have bought the ASM course and never refunded it, as I’m not instructing something from ASM on this program! This teaching program just isn’t meant to be a substitute for the good content material you’ve discovered from the ASM course. This teaching does “take it to the subsequent stage” although!

Second, Jason Fladlien & Wilson Mattos are recommending and endorsed this teaching membership to their ASM Masters … which is superior! If you recognize something about these two, they virtually by no means lend their names behind initiatives until they consider whole-heartedly in it! So I’ve been very flattered they’ve related themselves to this undertaking and are backing it. (Thanks guys!) This month-to-month teaching membership is barely supplied to ASM Masters, so it’s important to be an ASM Masters buyer to be eligible.

I’m retaining the format of this easy and highly effective. It will likely be about coaching you, instructing you my quite a few advertising and promotional “launch” strategies, and then you definitely taking motion. It is going to even be about getting a sh*t load of 5 star critiques and locking in your rankings, when you attain them. And at last, it is going to be about speedy growth of your amazon enterprise so you’ll be able to hit the large numbers that result in monetary freedom and an enormous enterprise. It’s a “here’s what Ben is doing proper now, this month, to crush it on amazon, and also you get to look over his shoulder every month with the concept you duplicate his successes inside your individual amazon enterprise” teaching membership.

Abstract – This can be an intimate month-to-month “amazon teaching class”, that can meet through webinar 2x’s per thirty days, by which I can be instructing my ways and strategies, on an ongoing foundation, to assist your construct your Amazon enterprise to make it a quick success.

Amazon Quick-Monitor Month-to-month Teaching Membership – The Particulars:

1) You’ll take part in two reside webinars per thirty days.  The primary webinar, is targeted on “Amazon Progress & Advertising and marketing Coaching Webinar” that can final 60-90 minutes.

That is the place I can be instructing you (on on ongoing month-to-month foundation) EXACTLY what I’m doing on amazon to develop, market and scale.  You get an inside view of my amazon enterprise and strategies, with the concept you’re taking what you’ve discovered to duplicate my outcomes!

2) Then every month, we’ll do a second webinar, which can be a month-to-month “Amazon QUESTION & ANSWER Webinar”

On this Q & A amazon webinar, you’ll have the possibility to ask me ANY questions you need, get nitty gritty assistance on points that come up … assist with advertising questions … and assist with the rest you guys need or want.

In abstract:

  • You’ll be a part of two reside webinars per thirty days
  • Webinar one, instructing amazon ways and tips, that I’ll NEVER reveal outdoors this teaching membership.
  • Webinar two, is an intensive month-to-month Q & A  / Brainstorming webinar with our teaching membership members
  • When applicable, I’ll share paperwork, emails, adverts, tips, paperwork, contracts, and so on.
  • You’ll get replays, so you’ll be able to watch future and previous replays everytime you need.

SalesPage (more info)    Our post with previous months

Ben Cummings – Amazon Quick-Monitor (Month-to-month GB) Accommodates: Movies, PDF´s (Ranging from December 2016)

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Todd Brown – MFA Live 2018 Recordings




Attendees Walked-In As Average Marketers

however Walked-Out With Pro-Level Chops After Just 3 Days …

Which Of These Profit-Boosters Shared At MFA LIVE 2018

Will Be Most Valuable To You And Your Business?

Rapid Customer-Generating Techniques

Extreme Customer Monetization Tactics

The New Webinar Model Creating Millionaires

Backend Profit-Pulling Systems

Email Sequencing Tricks Producing Sky-High Clicks

The New Funnel Model For Monster Lead Generation

The New Conversion “Mode” Producing Monster Sales

The Loop-Hole Secret For Monster Traffic Generation

Hacks That Boost Average Transaction Size

The Insider’s Method For Slashing Advertisement Costs

New Copy Techniques Doubling Conversions

… and much, MUCH MORE!

Pro-Level Tactics and techniques

You Won’t Hear About Anywhere Else:

Some More Of What You’ll Be Learning …

( These IMMEDIATELY ACTIONABLE methods and techniques

might be packaged and cost over $5,000or more!)

Get more clients with …

The brand-new “Inverted Campaign Model” which RAKES IN NEW CUSTOMERS quicker than any other marketing design in 2018!
Precisely which marketing funnel designs are working best at which rate points! And how to determine the best one for your product/service.
Clayton Makpeace’s “Master’s Closing Trick” that makes your deal definitely irrefusable!
3 basic things to constantly consist of in a video sales letter to rapidly DOUBLE or perhaps TRIPLE YOUR RESULTS!
5 COOL methods to validate a high item rate … no matter just how much greater it is than rival’s.
How the most popular copywriters are now utilizing “unusual truths” to include MASSIVE CREDIBILITY to promos … even when there’s no performance history!
EXPOSED! What Dr. Robert Cialdini calls “one of the most POWERFUL PERSUASION TRIGGER on earth.” And how to utilize it to make your marketing message definitely magnetic to potential customers!
3 obscure deal types that often bring-in a minimum of 200% more sales than any other deal!
How to determine your item’s precise “PRICING SWEET SPOT” so you get optimal brand-new clients without compromising earnings!
How to offer high-ticket items to cold traffic without utilizing the telephone, webinars, or any sales individuals!
How to turn practically any losing marketing project into a winner with a basic “mathematical rubric”.
… and much, MUCH MORE!

Bring-in more leads with …

The brand-new “Hotlist Technique” which can offer you a MONSTER-SIZED list of ready-to-buy potential customers quicker than anything we’ve seen in years!
When you need to utilize an opt-in page in your marketing project and when you definitely need to NOT! (The response will amaze you.).
Why the savviest online marketers DON’T utilize lead magnets any longer! And what they’re doing rather to create more leads than ever.
How to earn money each time you get a brand-new lead … as you’re growing a bigger and bigger e-mail list!
The simplest method to include 10,000certified causes your e-mail list in simply 4 months!
… and much, MUCH MORE!

Spike your sales conversions with …

HOT HACK! The “Audio Trick” for getting your marketing videos played … now that many internet browsers do not auto-play videos with noise.
2 words to contribute to any subject line which practically ensure to get any e-mail opened!
The “Reassurance Button” that slashes order type desertion rate in half! (You can see practically a 40% BUMP IN SALES right away.).
4 techniques for making ANY part of your marketing message more satisfying and interesting to take in!
The “secret structure” practically every effective VSL now follows!
The one line of text to contribute to any marketing video which KEEPS PROSPECTS GLUED til completion!
6 “Email Openers” which SPIKE readership and produce more clicks to your deals!
One image to contribute to your e-mail broadcasts that GENERATES MORE CLICKS than anything we’ve checked!
How to delight in 85+% webinar presence rates with the “What Would You Do” post-registration webinar strategy!
How to BANK loan from your webinar prior to you even host the occasion utilizing the basic “contrarian verification page”!
The one strategy which removes “VSL Drop-off” so you BANK MORE MONEY each time your video is played.
Mark Ford’s “Proof Triad” which ensures potential customers think each of your marketing declares!
How to gather everyday payments from PayPal while distributing your item at no charge to brand-new clients! (It’s potentially the simplest method to create sales for non-marketers.).
The Secret Video Thumbnail that makes it practically difficult for your potential customers not to begin viewing your VSL!
If you do not have any client reviews or recommendations, the simple method to immediately develop MASSIVE CREDIBILITY in any market!
The Call-To-Action trick of pro-level conversion professionals!
… and much, MUCH MORE!

Get more loan from every deal with …

The brand-new “Anti-Upsell Method” clients like to state yes to and purchase!
Something to consist of in every marketing project which can SLASH your refund rate to practically absolutely nothing! (While making you more loan from every brand-new purchaser.).
The one strategy which practically never ever stops working to include an extra 15% or more to every brand-new client deal! (We’ll never ever introduce another marketing project without it.).
How to develop YES momentum after clients enter their charge card information … so they’re primed to purchase whatever you use them next!
Something you can digitally send out to your brand-new clients, 2 days after they purchase, that’ll bring you an EXTRA 15-20% profits right away!
Quickly BOOST your typical order size with the brand-new “Triad Order Form” design!
… and much, MUCH MORE!

Monetize clients for more revenue with …

The “Buyer’s Alert Formula” … Like an alert which informs you the precise time your clients are prepared to invest more loan with you! When you can make more loan.), (You’ll be AMAZED at how precisely this forecasts.
The item shipment technique which AUTOMATICALLY brings-in brand-new sales from existing clients practically every day!
The best client follow-up timeline! The basic structure to guarantee you MAXIMIZE PROFITS without compromising your relationship.
The simplest method to DOUBLE your backend earnings in the next 45 days! (Not one in 5 typical business owners understand this. You will!).
INCORRECT! The one “skilled suggested” email you in fact NEVER wish to send out to any client. Outcomes show: It eliminates your probability of ever making another sale with them once again!
The basic method to validate you completely price your backend deals so your clients continue to purchase a growing number of from you!
CRANK-UP how quickly brand-new clients invest more loan with you by utilizing “TMS Scoring”!
… and much, MUCH MORE!

Enjoy more lucrative traffic with …

An easy strategy so you can determine, with mathematical accuracy, how your marketing project is going to carry out … BEFORE you invest a single cent on traffic!
PROVEN! 3 “NEVER FAIL” Facebook advertisement solutions!
How to drive $10,000worth of site traffic with a $25spending plan!
When you need to– and should not– utilize a photo or image in your advertisements (and which kinds are the very best)!
The 4 most POWERFUL words you can utilize in any Facebook advertisement!
BRAND-NEW! The trick of “sideways scaling” to get more traffic WITHOUT ever seeing your client acquisition expenses increase!
Discover your “Readiness to Scale” Quotient so you understand with self-confidence when and how you can see a SURGE OF PROFITABLE TRAFFIC!
How to getaway with aggressive copy in your advertisements without needing to stress over having your advertisements disapproved or turned down!
3 FREE TOOLS to reveal precisely where your rivals are getting their clients and traffic!
How to utilize Warren Buffett’s “investing algorithm” to never ever lose another cent on paid traffic which does not produce an earnings!
PROHIBITED! If you do not desire to get your marketing account shut-off, 6 words NEVER to utilize in any Facebook Advertisement! (Use these and you run the risk of never ever having the ability to run advertisements on Facebook once again.).
… and much, MUCH MORE!

SalesPage(more information) Archive

Todd Brown– MFA Live 2018 Recordings: Videos, PDF ´ s

Direct Download Link: ( No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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[GB] HoomanTV – YT Mastery | YouTube Mastery 2019


In YT Mastery, you’ll learn the exact strategies I’ve used to:

  •  Grow my channel from 0 to 5 MILLION+ subscribers!
  •  Get over 115 MILLION+ views on a single video!
  •  Build my channels, get millions of views, and make thousands of dollars every single week!

Now, you might see me living a lavish lifestyle, driving a Ferrari, flying in a private jet, and having a Youtube Channel with over 5,050,346 subscribers.

But let me tell you, it wasn’t always that way.
4 years ago, I had nothing. No money, no car, and no confidence. (I was homeless in 2014 after my parents discovered I failed my 2nd semester of college)
All I wanted was a decent life, where I could do something I love, and make lots of money.
Fast forward to 2018, I now own a Youtube Channel with 5M+ subscribers, have over 115M+ views on a single video, and 20 videos uploaded in a row each getting over 10 MILLION views.
Needless to say, I’ve put in the work, time, and effort over the past 4 years to understand exactly how the Youtube algorithm works, and how you can leverage it to grow your channel and gain thousands of new followers every single week.
It all starts with a decision of refusing to settle for an ‘average life’.
Are YOU ready to take the first step?


Doing something new is always hard, no matter what it is. You’ll make mistakes, waste time, and lose progress simply because you don’t know the proper way to do it.

If you want to succeed in today’s age on Youtube, it’s smart to learn directly from someone whose already grown their channels to millions of subscribers and hundreds of millions of views.


With YT Mastery, you’ll get:
  •  Inner Circle Access: Access to a private, invite-only Facebook group where you can ask me questions directly, connect and collaborate with other students with the same goal as you: To be the next YouTube Star.
  •  Exclusive Content: There has NEVER been a course like this by someone with over 5 million subscribers
  •  Proven & Field-Tested: The advice I give is not just ‘theory.’ These are the same techniques I use to grow MY channel everyday
  •  In-Depth Videos: Over 50 videos covering everything from Starting Your Own Channel to Going Viral to Monetization
  •  Videos & PDFs: Whether you learn better by watching or reading we’ve got you covered. Every video comes in a PDF text format for you to read.

Sales Page |  Files Size: 5.7GB

Members Exclusive: Only active MakeMoneySPY members can participate to access this course.

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